Packaging design and corporate design with strategy and system – from a single source!

“Who you see is who you get” – benefit from a partner with many years of practical expertise in a wide variety of projects. With bucan, you can bring complex projects to market faster and increase the value of your brand.

Your expert in design with a system

Getting to the point faster with pragmatism

Graphic designer with a passion

bucan has over 30 years of experience, has been working for its own clients since 1998 and is still as enthusiastic as on the first day. bucan’s designs fulfil your strategic goals, the needs of your target groups and can be easily and consistently scaled to different formats, brands and markets.

More experience also through own brands

Thanks to its practical experience with its own brands and investments, bucan is not just a “theoretician”, but also knows the challenges of individual markets. Many projects also benefit from his many years of experience as a KfW start-up coach.

Benefit from experience and efficiency

With more than 30 years of practical professional experience, you are guaranteed to get targeted results

Strategic new and redesign

Whether packaging design or corporate design – bucan works with you to identify the key brand features. Increase the value of your brand by convincing your target groups of the relevance of your offers in your communication.

Scalable design with a system

One of bucan’s priorities is to make complexity simple in packaging design – and also in corporate design. Experience the added value of a design that can be scaled to thousands of formats.

Design rules for better routines

Rules are good when they build up routines quickly and reliably. bucan develops designs that can be scaled efficiently to a few, hundreds or thousands of different formats.

Preparation for software and AI

The better the data, the better the software can be programmed and the better the AI can be trained. bucan develops designs, rule sets and templates with which software or AI can create semi-automatic or fully automatic designs.

Experience in many industries

Selection since 1998

Strategic packaging design with a system

Strategic corporate design for SMEs

Well thought-out and reduced to the essentials.

bucan’s packaging design and corporate design are geared towards consistent, long-lasting and successful performance through strategic work and pragmatism.